The Biography..., for now...

Entrepreneur, lyricist, songwriter, and child of the Most Highest. The first manifestation of STIM was a book. In addition to empowering women from domestic violence, the short book of poems aimed to declare the Word of freedom to their hearts.


Creative lyricism has always been a part of the flow; introduced during elementary poetry and chorus class school days. From the Big Apple (NY) to the Big Peach (GA) Dawn Love (as she was called) formed rap groups and entered school talent shows. Testing skills on occasion at the local Atlanta club "The Phoenix" led to performing an opening act at a Curis Blow concert in Athens, GA. In 1987, a short time after returning home, Jesus began his transformation by what she now calls "the beauty and the beast project". Baring a seed, under siege, domestic violence, deliverance declare it so. That fire and desire concentrated the pin to spiritual hems; written pearls and hidden under carpets for safe keeps. "A hidden hope that revealed that my vision would only rise with Him." The Lord found her and gave way to praises sung on The Young Adult Choir of The Church of God in Christ, in Queens, NY. Hallelujah! Reborn. This quiet storm in Blakniss brought in Dawn. She performed with the lead singer and president of The Velours; Eulice Mason at their SSA job function in Queens and, Brooklyn HS in BK, NY. Back in the DooWop era Eulice Mason and The Velours released hits like "Cest La Vie" and "Can I Come Over Tonight". In the interim, Dawn Love reclaimed rap with a twist of jazz/R&B. She vibed out of Queens for some time and for a short period worked on small projects with Mad Men Productions, Gifted Rhythms, and NJ-based independent record label Strictly Street Records. Living in Queens, she witnessed some great producers at work like Jazz and Tony Rome (who produced tracks on the Large Professors 1996 compilation Mad Scientist). In January of 1997, she was chosen from auditions to be a part of an R&B rap group. Showcasing at "Downtime", a New York Friday night Redd Alert spot was love but, the true aspiration was to bring Blakniss to light. In the interim, she began working with bass player/producer phenomenon Frankie Carr. They formed Euphoric Productions and began an alliance with a company out of Brooklyn; "Mac Sound Music". This alliance completed her first four-song demo. In October of 1998 to get her career pumped she signed a managerial contract with Jam-Neek Productions out of Long Island. Shortly after, she teamed up with a partner having somewhat the same music interest. That which was different worked well with the duo. She laced the soulful R&B and Blakniss covered contemporary hip-hop. Writing their lyrics and arrangements Aces of Spade, worked out of BK with Jazz of Side Room Productions, and, Queens with producer Joaquin. On February 26 1999 the ladies auditioned with Sheltzer Studios in NYC. The audition was organized by Taylor Made Management and Seger Entertainment and led them to work with Taj on productions. Taj worked with a host of acts including the early Fuju's. The house of Ruff slowed down a bit and so did they. So the duo brought it back to doe. After a strategic move back to GA, Blakniss was presented with the opportunity to manage an aspiring rap group which lead to her tracks getting heard by Roc CEO of RaRa enterprises/Rataktics Records. Dedication and experience led to the signing of a recording contract and a vice president opportunity with the independent. "Buttah, they called me as we thugged it, paving the bricks, rocking shows, and networking. Famship (family-type relationship) came out of it but, tasking times became the dissolving traits of the arrangement."


Now Dawn and STIM bring the first love into glorification. "Revelation that came informing me to glorify HIM brings full fulfillment." STIM Spiritual Truth Inspiring Movement desires all to live in the fullness of his grace by the acknowledgment of the Word.


"I was born and raised in NYC. My preconceived artist contributions would be to express the joys, struggles, and pains of life and the grace of Christ. Mrs. Pointer was a true inspiration. Her greatness was not only being the mother of the late famous violinist Nole pointer but, having a heart of gold. The Brooklyn Lefferts JHS teacher encouraged not only me but all students in her music class. Having attended Bernice Johnson Dance School, Wilfred Academy Cosmetology, sketch, and clothes design with no training, I consider myself creative. My greatness, I hope, is the encouragement I give and the legacy of Spiritual Truth Inspiring Movement I leave."

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