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The journey of finding & defining your purpose could be overwhelming. Toxic emotions, people, and circumstances may pose a hindrance; But, if you're intentional, meditate and pray God will confirm your convictions and make the way for Purpose. Submit, Speak and Affirm your
faith ALWAY's;
Declare the goodness of God
of circumstance! WHY!

The Mercy & Grace of God ..., gives authority through Christ Jesus to stand victorious against physical, emotional, and mental attacks designed to keep you stagnant, and afraid.
Establish and/or reclaim a positive vision that defines you and, your relationship with God. Give what hinders you to the Lord..., for the battle is His all day long!

STIMnotes are notes I send to empower you for Resolution, Peace & Joy



Resolve & move with definiteness

 . Express True Thoughts
. Ask Forgiveness
. The Big Questions
. Encourage Someone

Move into
Resolution, Peace, and Joy!
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